Music for hotels

Music For Guest offers you to design a tailor-made hotel background music for every area of your hotel – Lobby Lounge, Bar, Restaurant, Pool, Spa, Fitness (hotel background).

Our hotel playlists take into account of every moment of the day and of the characteristics of your customers in each area of your hotel.

Far from a simple background music, our musical moods are the result of a qualitative and rigorous musical selection made daily by our international network of music professionals. We therefore exclude any form of commercial music.

Whatever type of musical mood expected (Lounge, Chill music, Trendy, Pop, Eclectic, Acoustic, Jazz, …) we offer a musical quality programming reflecting the values of luxury (innovation, quality, refinement, timelessness and authenticity).

The content of our Chill music playlists is renewed regularly and you can always change your background music and playlists at any time simply by contacting us:

Our hotel playlists are made to positively influence the behavior of your staff and your customers.

Your hotel background music is broadcasted via our app or our interactive web player so playlists changes automatically according to each period of the day.

Our app allows you to broadcast you playlists without permanent Internet connection.

Our app like our interactive web player keeps a constant noise during the distribution of your playlists.

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